People are turning to Jumio for its efficiency

People are turning to Jumio for its efficiency

Jumio is actually a digital mobile payment and a company for identity verification which provides ID validation and scanning products for the web and mobile transactions. The company gives ID scanning and card technology. Jumio is also the creator of a Trusted Identity Service known as Netverify®, which allows companies to increase customer conversions and reduce fraud while offering a unified customer experience. With Netverify as a Service clientele have a comprehensive identity verification solution which could be tailored to fit according to their particular business requirements. Netverify as a Service combines facial image matching, ID verification, biometric facial recognition, and document verification to make sure physical identity matches in real-world identity.

The Future of Digital ID Verification is here: Jumio and this company have verified above 30 million identities issued by more than two hundred countries from real-time mobile and web transactions. Solutions for Jumio are used by few leading companies in the sharing economy, retail, higher education, financial services, online and travel gaming sectors. Based in Palo Alto, this company operates worldwide with offices in Europe and the US and has been the recipient of many global innovation awards.

In 2017, Jumio released first mobile and web document verification solution known as Netverify Document Verification. It solves the current error-prone and expensive manual processes businesses use to compare and extract names along with the addresses for KYC and AML. The company founded by Daniel Mattes in 2010, who also served as CEO till he resigned in April in conjunction with an in-house board investigation, in December of the same year, Jumio, informed the investors that monetary results between 2013 & 2014 will be re-stated.

In 2016, company that said that The Future of Digital ID Verification is here: Jumio stated that few certain legacy issues associated with related government proceedings and investigations have made it onerous for Jumio to secure essential funding for the operations. On May 6, 2016,Jumiowas taken over by Centana Growth Partners, VC focusing on technology companies with a focus on monetary services. Over its history, Jumio raised approximately $36.7 million from investors comprising Andreessen Horowitz, Citi Ventures, and many others.

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