Dhows repurposed for tourism purposes

Dhows repurposed for tourism purposes

Have you ever traveled in a traditional wooden vessel? What is your idea about dhow cruise Dubai marina? It is not very popular in other regions of the world but in the Middle East.

For the people of Middle East, the use of this vessel is very commonly seen. When we go to the history, it was in use for a variety of aims and objectives. However, it was primarily used for trading aims and objectives. Dhows are built in a wide range of varieties and sizes to choose from.

Trade between Iran and UAE is still being performed by dhow cruise Dubai marina. It was in its full swing before 10 years ago, but over the past last decade, the use this boat has been very rare. The demand for dhows has decreased because modern vessels have now come in the markets, which are faster than this one is.

Though it has gone down to use but it never means that a ban has been imposed on the use at all. It still works wonders and being used by those who want to have fairly cheaper traveling expenditure. At the same time, there is no doubt that the invention of more modern vessels has decreased its popularity.

No denying, dhows have played a crucial role so far and that they are still fairly cheap as they cost less than modern vessels. They have a great significance in the history it was the time when these were the vessels for the cruise.

A lot of factors involve bringing its decline. Evolution of gulf is one of them. Despite all that, it is not that dhows are not longer modes of sea transportation though they are less seen in the sea in the last couple of decades.

When you go to the Middle East, people belonging to this region will agree, a lot of the Dhows are still seen along the coast and in the sea. In a nutshell, it was a good mode of transportation back in the days, but they are now again coming in vogue with different approach repurposed for tourism purposes.

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