707-Inc is certainly a tough act to follow!

707-Inc is certainly a tough act to follow!

707-Inc is the name of the bus services providers delivering their services for quite a long period of time with a bang within the range of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. This company has played a vital role to provide the customers a comfortable travel that was just a far off dream back in the day. 707-Inc has made an incredible progress within a very short period of time by dint of its dedication, determination, and diligence.

They were already well-recognized bus operators across South region but since they are now a part of Easy Book, it has added luster to their popularity even more. People absolutely adore the services of 707-Inc because they really offer a wide range of facilities to their passengers in a way that the passengers don’t even realize how the time has gone by and their destination is within an ace!

There no doubt that 707-Inc is global brand name recognition though the company is limited to Asia countries only. They are now thinking to widen the range of their service to the countries of other nearby continents.

The company had started their work in 2002. In this way, they’ve been delivering their services for 14 years approximately. 707 offer a wide range of express buses that are a good name for comfort, luxury, and punctuality in your price range.

You are able to get tour buses as well as express buses. The buses leave for Malacca, Genting Highlands departing from Singapore.

Anyways, the travel can be a great fun and excitement if you travel on these buses. We offer a wide range of the fastest routes to take – more than 300 bus routes. It will never cease to amaze you that we almost cover more than 150 routes on a daily basis.

When talking about Singapore to Genting Highlands, there are over 30 routes a day. The route ranges from Malacca to Singapore covers 50 routes daily. In the availability of such a widely excellent service like 707, you are not supposed to find an alternative transportation mode. This is a good opportunity to avail.

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